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Your work from home survival guide

For many of you reading this your ‘new normal’ is my normal. Lucky for you that means I have a ton of ways to make this pivot hassle free for you. Are you ready to get stuck in? Let’s make your new normal amazing, productive and stress free. Did I mention its going to be simple too?

Working from home does not have to mean isolation

What are you on about? I hear you scream. Exactly what it says on the tin (told you it was simple). We may not be physically located with our co-workers or business partners right now, but we can still work together and see them, it all comes down to choosing the tools that are right for your business (and your sanity).

Keep connected by sharing and editing documents in real time with free tools such as Googledrive. Share documents and host secure messaging with Slack, and there is Zoom or good old FaceTime if you need a video conference functionality.

Set and stick to your work hours

We wouldn’t stroll into the office at 11am expecting nobody to notice (well, most of us wouldn’t) so working from home shouldn’t be miles different. Set your working hours, including breaks, and stick to them. Set your alarm in the morning, maybe throw in a workout before you open the laptop, but keep on track with that all important business of yours.

And in case you're the other end of the spectrum, set that finish time too! It's equally as important.

Dedicate a space to work

Sooo important. Working from the kitchen table so you can watch the kids, play with the dog (delete as appropriate) may sound great, but will that really see you at your most productive?

Choose a room / space that will be your ‘work space’ and stick with it. Not only will you know where everything is, everyone else in the house will know you are working if you head there. Or that you are using ‘work’ as an excuse to escape another round of eye-spy…

Tight for space (I get that!), if it is the dining table-office or even the sofa-office (please look after your back), look for ways to clearly mark to yourself and others - human and animal alike, that this is work-space between x and x and see the benefits soar in your comfort and productivity.

End each day with a list and a signal

Lists can be the devil or your guardian angel, I see them as the latter. I end each day with the top three tasks I MUST do the next day, meaning my brain can switch off knowing I have it covered.

Having a ‘clocking out’ signal is also useful. You might not have your normal commute time home to read your book and catch-up on life-min, but what new habits can you create?

Depending on the day, I love a play in the garden with the Neo, catching up with a friend (FaceTime obviously at the moment) or having as-close-to-coffee-shop-style-coffee as I can get depending on what I’ve been able to source.

With these simple steps you’ll be set up for success and sanity in no time. In the meantime, if you need a hand on finding your clarity in this brave new world, be sure to get in touch by emailing me at


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