• Vicky Murray

You won't always have your shit together, and that's ok

Newsflash, none of us will have our stuff together all the time. We're human. Life happens. Emotions can take over. Situations can knock us sideways. Don't feel you reacted in the way you 'should have'? To hell with should's! You do you and know that it's ok.

Case in point

Back in May, in full-lockdown, my Mum called. She was struggling for breath and told me my Dad was on his way home to take her to hospital. Mum being Mum (read stubborn - I know where I get it from) point blank refused an ambulance. I live several hours away from her so I couldn't get to her before my Dad and had no way of calling and then keeping an ambulance dispatch team informed of my Mum's condition and/or whether my Dad had reached her. I was powerless.

Keeping in constant contact with my Dad, it was a long day. A day of waiting in a circumstance that was different from any other - Dad not being allowed to wait with Mum given COVID measures, and none of us knowing what was happening. Normally, I am the one in the family to keep a cool head and pull it all together. But I wasn't there and I wasn't able to be.

In times of stress, my usual reaction is to clean or throw myself into something. Well, I'd cleaned the house top to bottom on Sunday so I threw myself into work instead. This work was behind the scenes though. I rescheduled the days meetings (thank you to my understanding clients) and I stayed off of social media - my focus had to be on my Mum and the phone had to stay free.

What this means for you

Why am I sharing this? Well, simply put, it's easy for you to imagine I always have it together, that life is always a bed of roses, that a smile and positive attitude beats all. Well, truth bomb alert, some things can't be solved that way. And it's ok.

There is much in life we can control, many responses we can choose, and then there is that small box of things that will always knock us off course.

When that happens, that is when you reach out, you know beyond doubt its ok to let it out and ask for help. I was so grateful to a good friend and my husband for keeping me sane that day. I think my reaction would have been very different had I have been on my own.

I'm relived to say that Mum recovered well.

Whether you're going through your own crisis or personal journey diversion, know you are not alone, that I am always here to help, and I am only ever a message or call away.

Stay safe, hug your loved ones tight, and tell those you can't see at the moment what they mean to you.

Life is precious. Cherish yours and live it to the full.


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