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You're so brave for doing that...driving somewhere you didn't know

These are the actual words my Mum said to me, she believed me brave for driving my very reliable car, on my own, on a route I was not aware of. I was literally her one woman hero in that moment and all I could say was 'Mum, it's just a road, I wanted to get there so I went'.

Oh the irony of that now.

Flip it and reverse it

Ok, let me back that up and reverse it a little, there's more to this than meets the eye. My Mum is an amazing woman in many senses. Sadly, driving isn't one of them, specifically driving anywhere that she doesn't know or on a motorway / three lane A-road. Yes my Mum has a full driving licence and is one of THE safest drivers I know, but to this day she refuses to drive anywhere she is not familiar with and would rather walk somewhere than chance her luck on a motorway.

Did this standpoint come from a bad experience? From her ability to successfully navigate the scenario in question? Nope, absolutely not. It's a confidence issue. She has told herself so many times that she cannot do this and isn't able to venture places new, that she has now convinced herself of this as fact.

Isn't it ironic

Here's the irony part. My response to that initial bravery statement was true, I drove alone on those new roads because I wanted to reach the end point (The Peak District in case you were wondering, all the way from London).

I had my route plotted out, a playlist to rival the greatest DJ, and of course a HUGE travel mug of coffee and top-up points factored in (God bless service stations). Thing is, take me out of a situation I can control and I wasn't always quite so smart about 'following a road to somewhere I wanted to get'.

If you know my history you'll know I spent 15 YEARS working as a Civil Servant. There are capital letters used there as years, especially 15 of them, are significantly long periods when you are not doing something that sets you on fire - in the good way!

In truth, I knew pretty early on that it wasn't the career for me. Was I good at it? I was bloody amazing. Did I feel controlled, owned and suffocated by it? Actually, yes. Never more so than in 2013 when said career put over 300 miles between my fiancé (now husband) and I. Still took me another 5 years to say enough and move on though. And here is why.

The safe road or the sane road?

I had taken the safe road. I'd landed and excelled at a job that someone like me wasn't supposed to have had. I was earning decent money, travelling a lot, and I liked that my parents were proud of this single achievement. I also believed I was making a positive difference to others, helping them, doing something great. What kind of selfish cow would I be to say, actually, I believed I could do more in other ways? Away from that establishment. As a Photographer!

Well, that's exactly what I did when I realised I was never going to get to where I wanted to be staying in that job (happy), I would never be 'fulfilled' (I actually really hate that word and how overused it is). The safe road turned out not to necessarily be the sane road.

I'm still a Photographer, I'm also a Business and Life Strategist (in case you'd missed that part ;)) and I help others change lane when they need to and to do so in the quickest possible time without compromising their success or sanity!

Could I have impacted more lives in a positive way staying in my original job? Possibly. Do I regret my decision to leap and help others in my own way? Not at all.

Where to?

So if you're reading this and wondering whether you should stay with 'sensible' or follow 'sanity', let me give you a helping hand in exploring the latter.

Let's sit together and share a coffee, even a virtual one, and work through how I can help you determine if a change of direction is what you need, a new destination, a leap into the unknown for you, with someone who has been there by your side.

What do you say? Ready to leap together? To take a true Journey To You? Jump into my inbox here to start.

Your dedicated co-driver,


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