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Why This Story Is Relevant To You Too

Now, this is a story all about how,

My life got flipped-turned upside down,

And I'd like to take a minute,

Just sit right there,

I'll tell you how I became The Storytelling Photographer*.

Once upon a time

In this life, you have to inject humour, at least that is how I found to be the best way to manage my own challenges in trying to become a Mum when it literally felt like the rest of the female world could do it without even trying!

That's right, I'm The Storytelling Photographer for IVF-Mum's (and Adoptive Mum's, Mum's who have been blessed by a Surrogate, or even managed to get the title 'naturally' - don't you hate that term?) but I don't have a baby myself...YET.

It isn't always simple

So there we are, the two of us, in a lovely three-bed house, in a 'fantastic area for schools don't you know', but no matter how hard we tried, there was only ever one blue line! So off we went to the doctors...

And then the Reflexologist.

The Acupuncturist.

The Chinese Herbalist.

The Mindset Coach.

The Vegan diet.

And of course, the medical procedures.

This photograph below - taken on a very old phone, was from my last surgery. The final piece of help the NHS could give us in trying to change my non-Mum status. Even now looking at it I can remember how terrified I was, the kindness of the team who looked after me - from the anaesthetist, to the surgeon, to the nurse who put needle in my hand ('now, it might get all spiny like you've had one too many gins' she said).

The point is, if you've struggled to declare that title of 'Mum' or share that post of 'I'm going to be a Mum', I get it. I admit, I wish I didn't, but I do. Completely. Painfully. But moreover, supportively.

So with all that said, you might be wondering - why on Earth is she a Photographer for families?

And The Storytelling Photographer was born

Just like you, I have planned my ideal birth scenario, the names this baby might have and why, the clothes I'll buy, the nursery I'll create, the breast-feeding support I might need, where they will sleep to begin with and how we might manage the night feeds, what nappies I'll use, the pram, the weaning - you name it, I've 'vision-boarded' it. I even looked at what breed of dogs were known to be better with children when we were looking for ours.

And still, comes the Photography.

Of my wanting to tell this baby's story, however painful it might feel to me right now, because this is their story, and it's my story too.

How my story relates to you

And I want this for you. Not the challenge, I wouldn't wish that on anyone! I want for you to feel amazing. For you to know and see that you are enough. That you matter. That your story and the story of your baby-to-be matters. And the story of you all, as a family when they arrive, matters.

This is why being The Storytelling Photographer is what I do, what I love. Because I can see the difference being able to hold your story in your hands makes.

That this story will be the story of your Baby too when they do arrive.

If you want to learn more about how we can start capturing your story you can find out right now, right here. And if you're not quite ready for that but want to work on this yourself, well, I've got something for you too. Email me here to find out more.

Ultimately, whether you choose to contact me now or in a while, I hope that you do because YOUR story is too valuable to not tell.

Until next week, always remember that YOUR FAMILY and YOUR STORY matters.


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*(and yes, if you are now singing the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme tune, you can wholeheartedly blame me).

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