• Vicky Murray

Why the excuses need to stop now

It's Friday, it's hot and my temperature is soaring. Not because of the sunshine, but because I am in full rant mode. You have been warned. I am sick and tired of the excuses. The excuses for staying stuck when there is an alternative. Hear me now.

Who am I to...

"Who am I to want more?". Those six words are enough to set me off. Let's flip and reverse that sentence. "Who are you not to?"

Who are you to not want more? To not take up the space in this world you have been gifted? To not chase every dream you can conceive and do your damndest to make it come true?

Here's who:

The person that is scared to break the norm and challenge the status quo

The 23 year old rushing home to get dinner on the table for 5, cleaning the house top to bottom and being in bed by 9 to rinse and repeat the next day.

The one who has convinced themselves this is it and you should be grateful.

Here's what I say - and I can - because that WAS ME.


I'm calling time on who am I to...

This ends today. This wasting life. Stop apologising for the space you take up in the world. Stop playing it small to keep others happy.

Be you.

Be too much for people - they're not your people. You do you and be you unapologetically.

That feels better.

Right, now then. On to the welcome.

Welcome to your Journey To You

Now, with all the excuses out the way. We can begin.

I am inviting you to take charge. To make a choice and create the life you want to live. The lifestyle you want to have. The memories you want to create and the legacy you leave behind.

This particular invitation is my forte and you can get started here.

Please. Don't waste the time I did. Make a choice and choose you today.


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