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Why Photography is a worthwhile 'luxury' investment

I get it, spending money on Photography can feel like a luxury. And it is, I'm not going to tell you it's not. But it's a luxury that we are lucky to be able to invest in. Here's why.

Something that lasts

Most luxury investments, well, let's call them investments for now - have a limited lifespan. The handbag we've coveted, the seasonal door that brings us joy, the new MacBook - or, dare I say it, the tan from that oh-so-needed holiday.

I'm not saying these things aren't amazing and great to have, but let's be honest, that buzz and joy are short lived and we're usually planning the next before the real value has been felt with the current.

Photography isn't like that.

Even now, I can pull out an album or box of photo prints and the joy I get from reliving those moments, seeing the people and the places that mean so much, sharing that with those I love - it's like the first time I saw the photographs or experienced the feels capture in those images.

It's more than that too...

Money CAN buy time

Yep, I'm saying it, Photography is THE ONLY WAY that you can buy time. And it's this reason that I believe we can call it a luxury, because isn't time - especially with those we love the most, the best and most worthy luxury of all?

When you choose to have you and your family photographed, it's not some 'flashy' thing or something for the neighbours to envy, you're investing in your personal time machine and the magical power of having moments frozen in time. Moments that, in days to come, will mean more than any amount of money in the world.

I know and I can say this because I learnt the hard way, and I don't want this for you.

Make it happen

If you want to learn more about how we can start creating your personal time machine, you can let me know right now, right here and we can get to making this a reality.

Ultimately, whether you choose to contact me now or in a while, I hope that you do because YOUR story is too valuable to not tell.

Until next week, always remember that YOUR FAMILY and YOUR STORY matters.


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