• Vicky Murray

Why it's time to remove the labels

Wife, Daughter, Mother, Aunt. Why do we feel we need to respond with these labels when asked who we are? Here's why it's time to remove the labels.

What's wrong with labels?

Nothing in theory. There are definitely some times where a label is essential (like, the price of my coffee, who the actual Doctor in the room is etc.), but there are others where the labels become like these metaphorical boxes of suffocation.

It's these latter labels, the one's where we begin to feel a need to measure ourselves (read 'self-worth) and start to hyperventilate at if we can't affix the 'right one' that I am calling to remove.

Why now?

Why not now? In personal life or business, answer me this (unless you are a Doctor of course ;): What good is that label (or labels) doing for you?

What does that label give you that you like and lose if you take it away?

Think about that for a minute.

This little epiphany and label removal movement came to me in a call I had yesterday. We were talking about who we were, who we felt we were, and where that came from. Then we moved on to confidence and BOOM, I realised I had been stuck following the return of a label as I had let it define me for EIGHTEEN YEARS, three of those I didn't even own that label anymore.

Here's the thing. I don't want it to take you eighteen minutes, let alone years, to realise you - yes even YOU Doctors if you think about it, are not defined by a label. Not by a role/title or any other descriptor you want to give these sneaky beggars that creep up in your space and start to mess with your greatness.

So who am I?

Yes! We got to the gold!


Really, you are. You are one of a kind, a living-breathing human doing a great job of being, with all your intricacies, loves, dislikes, individual quirks (I love a quirk) and all the things that make you YOU.

You may well be a mother / daughter / wife / Doctor etc. but it doesn't make you YOU, they are a part of who you are, but only you are YOU.

And you know what? When you realise that, when you have that 'Ohhh, now I get what she is talking about', the game changes. And THAT is what I cannot wait to capture and document for you.


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