• Vicky Murray

Why it's not ok to suffer alone

An odd title for someone who advocates you 'doing you' and reminding you daily to live a life on your own terms. There are some things however, too important to ignore, and suffering any kind of trauma alone is one of them. Here is why I believe it's not ok to suffer alone and how I want to stop this sad phenomenon.

You are seen and needed

In a world where it is so easy to hide behind screens, or in the darkness of our cluttered minds, I want to remind you that I see you and I need you in this world with me.

I remember how it felt to be totally alone. To not know who was friend or foe. To have made the wrong choices out of fear and isolation, when people who cared about me were right there, I simply failed to let them fully in.

It's easy to think that we are insignificant in this big world. That our mere existence is nothing special or 'Instagrammable'.

This thinking is wrong.

Your existence, the battles you fight daily, the smile that changes the life of someone because you acknowledged them, that is extraordinary. That is needed in this world we live in.

I want to hear your troubles

How many times have you caught yourself saying something, or about to say something, then stopping with the sentiment that 'others have it so much worse than me?' We could sit all day long listing the people that have things worse than we do, but it doesn't mean that what you are going through is any less important than these other people's struggles.

Life is not a competition like that.

We are all dealt different hands, we all have differing opportunities and support systems, each of us matters as much as the next.

Whether you have someone or a group of friends to confide in, perhaps a single confidante, please share your thoughts and feelings with others. If you prefer to talk through these things with someone removed from your social circle, I am always here to listen, to offer advice if needed, to help you find your way into the light.

You are loved

Something we never say enough or remind those precious to us. If you are reading this, I love you, I love that you are taking time for you, I love that you are getting uncomfortable reading this hot-mess of a woman's writings in the hope that she can change even one persons life for the better.

I love you because I know you will be reading this in the hope that it helps you and gives you answers you have yet to find elsewhere. Most importantly, I love you because you are you, you are here, and you are pushing forward every day.

Now that you know it's not ok to suffer alone and that there is someone here for you, how are you going to connect with me? How can I help you today?


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