• Vicky Murray

Why I worry about you

It’s 4:15am on a Thursday morning. I shouldn’t be up but I am. I’m thinking about you. I’m worrying about you. Are you lying awake too wondering ‘what if?’ and whether you ‘have what it takes?’ Let me answer that for you: YES, you do.

Overcoming obstacles

In this crazy world of building a business and putting ourselves centre stage, our biggest obstacle isn’t finding our customers. It isn’t convincing someone, anyone to invest in you. It isn’t even about nailing your brand. Our biggest obstacle is us.



That voice of doubt in your head and the feeling of being an imposter.  That lack of permission to simply be.

Unlearning Lessons

We are taught to always ask permission. For a drink or snack when we are young, to asking someone out when we’re older. To ask permission to apply for a promotion, or for us, to start a business.

Here’s the thing, the only person we need permission from is ourselves.

Sound counterintuitive? Let me break this down for you.

I grew up in a place where I was given two choices at my ‘careers advice’ session: become a Mum or look after other Mum’s children. Oh, and by the way, I was 15 then. I didn’t want to do either at that age.

At 15 I gave myself permission to go to College, to study what I was passionate about and pursue a dream. When I was again told by others that dream could be only be achieved in a way I didn’t want, I gave myself permission to leave my studies and get a job.

Giving You Permission

When that job fell short I resigned. I was immediately offered a promotion in a different role to stay, which I took and enjoyed until I gave myself permission to move on. Somewhere along the line, let’s say age 21, I lost that permission giving streak. It didn’t return until I started my own business. 

I don’t want you to lose that self-certified permission slip. I don’t want you to wait a second longer. Instead, here’s the best gift I could ever give you.

Here is a huge, all encompassing permission slip for you.

I give you permission to decide. To make choices. To dare bravely. To try new things. To fail and get back up, take the lessons, and thrive.

I see you there. I know those thoughts and I know it’s your time to be heard.

Here is your invitation friend, come join me centre stage, let’s be mould breakers together. Let’s dream our wildest dreams and make them a reality.

Are you with me?


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