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What makes a family?

What makes a family? Forget dictionary definitions, what makes a family is so much more than that. This is what it's really about.

The Dream

Most of us have that ideal dream. We decide the time is right, we buy the test, two lines appear and nine months later - as if my magic, you're a parent.

You can start to plan and talk about all the things you'll do 'as a family', you'll start sharing posts on things you're looking forward to as a family, and you might even start to buy all the things that 'a family needs'.

Fair play.

Except it doesn't always work this way, or look like this.

The Revised Dream

I know only too well that those dreams and intentions don't always follow the Hollywood script. So you start to revise the dream. Look at other ways of making it come true. Try everything and ANYTHING to make it come true.

And if you are lucky (and God does it take some luck!) it happens.

You become a parent.

Whether that dream becomes a reality through IVF, Surrogacy, Adoption or a sheer miracle, you finally have a child to call your own, and they call you Mummy.

And you know what?

You ARE still a family. You are as much a family as the family who did see those two blue lines right at the start of their dream. Bloodlines alone don't make a family.

Love. Devotion. Care.

That is what makes a family.

Your Family Matters

However your family came to be, whether you were lucky enough to live the dream, or if your dream came true another way, you are still a family and your story still matters.

Never forget that.

Never doubt that.

Always remember that YOUR FAMILY and YOUR STORY matters.


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