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What is Family Photography really about?

Awkward poses? Gifts for the Grandparents? Studio Shoots? It can be, but not here, this is what Family Photography is really about.

What do you want to remember?

This is what it's all about.

A family. Being a family. In their space, on their terms. Creating and capturing memories.

Documenting the moments that mean something to them.

Capturing the details that will create THEIR story.

What's wrong with studio photos?

Nothing if that is what you want. If that is how you want to remember your time together.

Maybe you are happy with the white backdrop (or other background) that appears in hundreds of others families photos, the same poses suggested, maybe it's simply about capturing you all together. And that is ok, if that is what you want.

For me, studio photos always left me wishing for a bit more (and yes I had some taken with my family). But here's the thing, whilst they were great photos, they didn't tell OUR story.

Where memories are made

So that is why I don't offer studio Photography. But here is why I do encourage you to have your family captured on camera as often as you can.

A Family Photoshoot is so much more than simply having you all in one place and captured forever (although that's a great starting point). What is really is? Well, here is what I believe, it's:


A place where memories are made.


The time where a family gets to 'be'.


Moments captured that forever tell the story of that time of pure happiness.


Does this sounds like the kind of moment you want to capture? If so, I'd love to help, and you can let me know by messaging me here.

Until next time, capture those moments, savour them forever, they are your own personal time machine.


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