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What has been your A-ha! moment?

Aha moment, (noun Informal): a point in time, event, or experience when one has a sudden insight or realisation i.e. I've been keeping myself caged when I have the key that opens the door! Literally, that was mine, now let's talk about getting to yours.

Naked truth

Yep, that's right buttercup, we're going to get a little uncomfortable and go stand naked in front of that mirror and see all the things. I mean really see. Ok, we're only speaking metaphorically of course, nakedness is optional, but when was the last time you stopped and had a check-in on the inventory of you?......

Is that crickets I hear? Thought so.

Get out of your own way

Well lucky for you that you get to benefit from the wisdom I learnt the hard way. If there is one thing you take away from this little nugget of goodness today, let it be this, and I shall shout for emphasis: GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY!

That's right. We are all standing in our own way, making ourselves a prisoner of our circumstances, ignoring the hard stuff to make do with the mediocre. People: the great creator / their Holiness / Valentino Rossi (insert belief of choice) did not put themselves through all they did so we could simply exist and plod through this life settling for our lot and enduring an existence of beige!

Nope they did not, have you seen how many colours there are in the Pantone collection?

Flip the script

Now, let's take a pause here. I know some of us have found ourselves in situations we do not want to be in and they are not of our own making. I know that opening the door to those cages is way more complicated than holding that inner revealing mirror up to our faces.

But here's the thing.

There is always a way. I am living proof of it, and this is why I am making it my life's mission to help you find your aha moment. So that you can sit and be proud of the life you have lived to date when you’re 90, rather than wasting this adventure called life conforming to outdated modes of being that keep us caged.

Now if that hasn't lit a fire under you I'm not sure what will.

All those in favour

So tell me, with my wisdom and get your backside into action memo delivered, are you going to grab that key and put it in the lock? Are you going to ask for the help you need to move forward and live the life you deserve and crave rather than the one you've been 'given'? You'd better be answering yes. Either way, let me know by dropping me a line here.

I hope you fill up my inbox with the greatness you are off to create on your Journey to You

Until next time,


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