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What happens when the plan goes out the window?

Ever had one of those plans, the ones so perfectly laid out, not only do all roads lead to gold but it also looks great? Me too. I love a good plan, but you should always leave room for that blank 'piece of paper'. The unexpected. Here's why.

The unexpected

As I write this, I should be coming home from a great walk with Neo and my treat of PROPER coffee from my local bakery. Instead, I'm monitoring my boy as he was sick sometime in the night/early morning and I don't know why. Neo may not be a human child, but he's mine, and his welfare is always front and centre in my world. But what does this mean to my plan?

Being organised and having a routine, albeit flexible, is important to me. It's something I need and value. Missing my morning walk is something that very much throws this routine and my plan out the window. From cleaning up said sick (sorry if you're eating), to making sure I check in on him regularly whilst keeping him calm, it's the unexpected event in my day that my plan couldn't have allowed for. There is nothing that could have meant I'd have seen this coming.

Leaving room

Here's where that blank piece of paper comes in. When I am planning anything, including helping you work on your strategy, I will always leave room for that blank piece of paper.

For you, it could be an unexpected a-ha moment, a change in your personal circumstances, or even something way beyond our control (err, hello COVID!).

The beauty of that blank piece of paper? It stops the plan from being entirely thrown out of the window.

That blank piece of paper is our wriggle room, our space to flex our adaptability muscles and reassess, to change course but still reach our intended destination, or even plot a route to something much bigger and better.

That blank piece of paper is called control and choice. It gives you both at all times.

Taking back control

So, whilst I monitor little man for the rest of the day whilst catching up on admin, how are you going to factor in that blank piece of paper in your plans? What contingencies do you have in place if you hit a bump in the road or unexpected diversion?

It doesn't have to be a hard process to create, but it is definitely a worthwhile one. Let me know if you've applied the blank piece of paper practice and how it's worked here. If you know someone who would benefit from reading this, use those little buttons below to share this nugget and improve their day.

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