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What do you want your grandchildren to know?

Sound like an odd question? Maybe your children aren't even here with you yet, but the question is still valid, what do you want your grandchildren to know?


Honestly? This question comes as a result of what my own Grandparents were able to share with me, all thanks to the photographs they had. I can remember many a time I'd insist my Grandad brought the box of photos down that he and my Nan kept and go through them with me and my brother - one by one, answering all the questions we had about the country it was taken in (Grandad was in the Army), who the people were, why they were there etc. I LOVED seeing the photos of my Mum growing up too.

I didn't realise it then, but it was my first experience of what a Time Capsule really was - your own personal time machine that, when activated, told YOUR story.

Your Story

Yep, I said story (I am The Storytelling Photographer after all). But a story is exactly what this box did tell. It was the story of my Nan and Grandad growing up, the story of their dating and marriage, the story of travelling the world, fighting for it, raising children, my Mum's story.

In that one, pretty massive box of photos, the story of two generations was told. And the third (mine and my brothers) had started to be added to it. By far, it's my fondest childhood memory.

The Time Capsule

So here comes the question again. What do you want your grandchildren to remember?

Whether you're a parent yet or not, it's never too late to start capturing your story. To begin collecting the moments that make your memories that will one day tell your story.

And if you don't know how, or you want the help, then worry not - this is why I crated The Time Capsule, because your story is too valuable to not tell.

Until next week, always remember that YOUR FAMILY and YOUR STORY matters.


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