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What do you mean create a business, create a family?

Not only the name of my first Virtual Retreat that you can still access, but my mantra behind why I started my own business in the first place. Find out what it truly means to create a business, create a family by reading on.

How it began

I'll admit it, my passion for capturing journey's and helping people enjoy the adventure of their own wasn't my sole reason for starting my own business. Creating the lifestyle I desired to create the family I wanted was.

And it still is a driving force. I had worked for fifteen years as a Civil-Servant, travelling to places I never thought possible, doing things I never dreamed of, making a difference and doing it well. But it was all consuming. It left little room for anything else - even relationships with friends and loved ones.

So I did what I was scared to do. I left the safety of a career and a salary to follow my passions and create a life of my own design.

And then there was Neo

That family didn't look as though you might have expected. It began with a small bundle of black fur called Neo, pictured below. Working for yourself can be lonely, and whilst I worked on making my business a success and creating a bigger family, Neo has been my company, confidante and best friend ever.

Here's the thing, he is also the prime example of how creating a business led to the start of my creating a family.

Neo, like babies, didn't arrive fully trained and able to look after himself. Unlike a baby, it took me three and a bit years for Neo to have his first whole walk without him pulling so hard I wondered if I had got a Husky disguised as a Labrador!

The point is, it would have taken me even longer to reach that point (as pictured below) had I not have worked for myself. Because I wouldn't have been able to plan my time around training classes, home training, and building the bond I have with him now.

Creating a business to create a family

So yes, at the time of writing, I am a dog mum not a human mum. What I've learnt though, and what I created the Create a Business, Create a Family Virtual Retreat for, is that both are possible.

I have a business I am both proud of and in love with (seriously, even without coffee I'm happy when I'm working). I also have a life I love where I make my own schedule, meet amazing people who I really make a difference to, and have time for my family - the ones I already have and the ones I am working on creating.

You can have this too if it is what you want. If you are willing to learn, take your time, and follow your heart and ask for help when you need it (and you will - as a wise woman once said to me 'you don't know what you don't know).

Where will you begin

If you're reading this and have that idea of a business burning away inside of you as you've not pursued it, or perhaps you've waited on starting something because of your hopes for a family, know that now is your time. That is doesn't have to be an either/or choice. That you can have both and love the life you create.

This is all part of your Journey to You, and I cannot wait to see how yours unfolds and how I can help.

Until next time,


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