• Vicky Murray

What a Storytelling Photographer really is

There has been a LOT of messages since my last Instagram post, but rest assured, I've not changed direction. This Storytelling Photographer is still very much here. But let me tell you what that truly means.

The kids are alright

The babies haven’t gone anywhere.

I’ve not overnight changed my mind about photographing babies and their families, they’re just not the only subject of my lens’ attention.

I thought I had to put myself in a box - you know, a nail your colours to the mast box, but I could only choose one colour…

But even photography in its simplest form - black and white, is more than one colour!

Removing the filter

So here I am. Practicing what I preach. Finally being the fullest, unfiltered version of me, the Photographer that believes YOU matter.

And you do, and so does everything and everyone that matters to you.

So yes, there’ll still be babies, as well as but not limited to:

Bikes 🏍

Businesses and their creators 🙋🏻‍♀️

Homes 🏡

Hounds 🐶

And everything in between.

So with that little announcement made, tell me, who and what matters to you?

Life is an amazing adventure, enjoy and capture yours.

Until next week, always remember YOUR STORY matters. Because YOU matter.


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