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Tonight, I'm cleaning out my under-stairs cupboard

Not quite the impact of 'cleaning out my closet' (thank you Eminem) but impactful nonetheless, well, it has been in terms of the space I now have! That's right, its a sunny Saturday in the UK and hubs and I, with Neo's help, decided today was the day to clean out the cupboard. Give. Me. Strength.

Spring cleaning

It isn't that bad. I had a few hours in the sun. Neo is happy as there was a football we'd forgotten about so he now thinks it's Christmas #thesimplelifeofdogs It also made me realise I needed to do a little housekeeping here on my little corner of internet real-estate.

Something had felt a bit 'off' for a while, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it, then it hit me - well stared me straight in the face, my website was all wrong aka my brand was out of alignment.

'What is she on about now'?, I hear you sigh. Hang with me.

My 'brand' (read that in your most sensuous voice) had been leading with a navy blue theme and a touch of gold after I delved into my Chinese horoscope and associated colours etc. of good fortune (as you do). Obvs if I went with their guidance I would know only great abundance, clarity and all things amazing. Erm, maybe, but that didn't mean I had to change my colours and words etc. for one of my potential dream-living room colour schemes 🤦🏻‍♀️ (Pinterest - you have a lot to answer for).

Seasons of change

Some serious time later, I remembered why I started this beauty of a business and what makes me happy, and quite a few of you apparently. Helping people find the sun in their Journey To You - well, the sunset on the old and the sunrise in the new.

I've photographed a bazillion and one of these marvels, sat on shores to watch them and froze my butt off to see them. Why had I moved away from what was always my leading light (no pun intended). I'll tell you why, I'd buried my likes and truth like the ball in the under-stairs cupboard.

Isn't it hilarious that the thing I preach I had lost my own way on?

Seeing the light

So where is this going? Fair question. Well, whether you have the joyous under-stairs cupboard or not, we all have some mental decluttering (I prefer the term 'sprucing') to do. Whether thats the colours of your business or what you actually want out of this little gem called life that we are all living, if you do nothing else this weekend, take some time to check-in with you.

Where you are. How you are feeling, and more importantly, where you want to be and what you want to feel.

Are you on track for that? Do you need to change something? Let me know, I really do care.

Now, back to that cupboard......


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