• Vicky Murray

The start of a story

We sat in a classroom discussing our various Photography business dreams.

We were all there to develop and improve our skills, to branch into new areas, to make that leap from 'hobbyist' to 'pro'. It was the start of a very special story.

Why do you take photographs?

I love learning, always have, and I loved this more than ever as we were made to dig deep. Everyone was asked the same question, and then came my turn:

"So Victoria (always starts that way and inevitably becomes Vicky), why do you take Photographs?"

Whereas before I always had to think before I answered a question asked in a work context, this one was the simplest ever I have had to answer. This is what I said:

"Because I want to give people something more than a moment. I want to give them a way of returning to all the moments that matter to them, of capturing what it really means for them to live, who matters, what matters, why it matters. I want to tell their story and give it to them so that they can hold it in their hands and relive it whenever they want or need to.

I never want people to feel so alone, sad, or missing someone to the point that something that could have - photographs, could stop that.

I want to give them everything I can by capturing it all."

The tutor was silent for a moment. She thought about it. Then she answered:

"That is brilliant, you are creating something special, it's like an heirloom."

And I guess she was right, because I am capturing these stories for the people who are living them, but in doing so, their story - YOUR story, lives on forever, and that is a pretty amazing feeling to have every single time I pick up my camera.

What about you?

As we're sat here together right now, I'd love to know, what excites you about your story? Comment below to let me know.

Until next time, always remember YOUR STORY matters. Because YOU matter.


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