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The shots that carry my story

What do you think of when you hear Photographer or Photography? Do you think 'argh!' or 'hmm, what could they do for me?'. If it was the latter, here are some words from a self-confessed 'heroine en route' that might help.

I'm too camera shy to be photographed

These were some of the first words Elisabeth uttered to me as we met, via zoom, the first time - she on an island in the North Sea, me in a small room in Surrey.

We spoke like this for six months, working on building Elisabeth's confidence and comfort to be in front of the camera, and then, finally, I made the long trip to her then-home on the beautiful island of Föhr.

Want to know how the photography went?

Elisabeth's Journey

She came from England to the Island in the North Sea where I lived at the time. This was one fresh day in April (before Corona, obviously), and she just followed me around, very unobtrusively, lightly, politely, and, every now and then, shot a photo.

I was, and still am, but less so now, quite camera-shy. Very self-conscious. Mortified.

But I had invited her and she came.

I could not have found a better branding photographer for my needs then, and it's only now that I can see how far this investment in myself and my calling and my visibility and my endeavour has taken me.

If you are a hesitant wallflower like me when it comes to personal visibility, contact Victoria.

She got the shots that carry my story and my business and she might perform the same for you.

Are you ready to carry your story?

Elisabeth's words. Words that made my cry with joy 'she got the shots that carry my story'. That is the power of Photography and in what it can give you, do for you, and show you.

If you would like to know more about having your own story captured to be carried for years to come, you can have your very own zoom call with me here and we can start the next phase of your Journey.

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