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The Power of Photography

Think that Photography is only for the celebs, famous, or 'special occasions'? Think again, I'm here to share the true power of photography, and it's not what you assume.

Photography is only for the famous

Not really. Sure, our first experiences of photography are likely seeing celebs in a glossy magazine or pages of a newspaper, but photography is so much more than seeing a celebrity in their PJs.

Photography is like your own personal time machine. It captures who you love, what you love, moments you want to celebrate and even moments that make us cry but we couldn't bear to not remember.

Photography is for everyone, and not only if you are getting married/capturing your newborn etc. or promoting your business. It is literally for photos of YOU too.

Why would I want photographs of me?

Yes, photographs of YOU. You read that correctly.

Speaking as a Brit, this might sound a foreign concept, we're taught more to stay in the background rather than take centre stage. But I'm here to crack that stiff-upper lip and out of date mentality and ask this question - why wouldn't you want photographs of yourself?

Now, I'm not getting all Dorian Gray on you here either. I don't believe we should only capture ourselves 'at our best' or to mark special events, but I do believe that we do ourselves a disservice by choosing not to capture the moments that document our journey. Our time here. Who we are.

Think about it, of all the things you have experienced, places you have been, people you have met and moments that mattered to you, what evidence do you have that those moments happened? And please don't refer to your iPhone photos, when was the last time you looked at them let alone printed one???

A true story

If that's still not resonating with you, here's a true story that might make you think 'oh, now I get it'.

There was a girl, well, woman really - she was 26 at the time we are talking about.

She'd always settled on the side of self-loathing rather than self-love, growing up as the overweight outsider can do that to you, even if it's not your truth now.

Anyhow, days before her 27th Birthday and coming up the a year of working out who she was and what she wanted from life now that she chose the journey, she booked a photography session for herself on a whim. A boudoir photography session if we're getting into specifics, but that part wasn't the important bit.

The day of the photoshoot came and she felt something different. Something new. Something she liked. She felt excited.

Arriving on location, even as her clothes were laid out and she dressed for the first shot, rather than fear and picking herself apart, she felt calm. Confident almost. At peace.

Two weeks later she received a heart-shaped USB stick with all her images on (it was 2011 - things have changed). Grabbing her laptop she plugged the USB stick in, took a glug of her hot coffee and pressed 'open'.

What she saw amazed her. The smile that teased on her lips spread widely on her face. Tears slid down her cheeks - but the good kind. This woman she was seeing on the screen, the woman who looked into the camera with no apology, with all that she was, was her.

Finally, after years of hiding, of pretending, of being everyone but who she was. There she was, on camera, fully HER.

What do you think?

In case you were wondering, that woman was me. The details behind that are for another day, but that moment was the reason I chose to be the Photographer I am today.

Business owner or simply an amazing human being, I want to give you this feeling through my camera, to help you see and celebrate every part of you, every step of your journey, every moment that matters.

I'd love to hear whether this has changed your thoughts on photography, so let me know here, and if you have any questions I'm always happy to chat.

Until next time,


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