• Vicky Murray

The magic of service stations

There's something about a service station. Not really a location. Not a destination. But a magical place where you can forget or experience as much as you want. Or maybe it's where you start over.

No Destination

Ok, it may not seem like the obvious place. But hear me out. I actually love a service station, and not only for the excuse of a treat of my beloved Starbucks - when the Service Station Gods are smiling on me.

Through my past career and then moving to the other end of the country, I have found myself at many a service station, sometimes seeking that hug in a mug, other times wanting a space to hide and gather my thoughts, and others still when needing a break from this thing called life.

That magical space

To give you an example, I found myself back at one of these motorway services last week. Things are going pretty well for me right now, but I'd also been doing a lot of reflection, and I needed a space where I could switch off. Where I felt safe that I wasn't going to be seen by anybody who knew me, where I could simply sit and observe for a while. When I saw the sign come up on my drive home, I took the exit without hesitation.

I liken service stations to the arrivals hall at London Heathrow. You are amongst hundreds of other people in that hall, yet you're alone. You can be anyone you choose to be in that moment because nobody knows you (if you are on your own). You can almost convince yourself that you are in some kind of parallel universe.

Just like the arrivals hall, you can witness all of life's emotions at service stations too, including you own. You witness the sadness as people part for the final time, the excitement of a trip in progress, the new beginnings of people starting over, and everything in between.

And then there are the visitors like me. Who take solace in their cup of coffee. Who savour the chance to stop. To hit pause. To soak in all of these emotions whilst my own standstill. Whilst I regroup and remember what it's like to breathe. To think clearly. To see clearly.

What about you?

You may well think this is an odd post to have found here, but a Journey To You doesn't always have to mean a complete change of path, like some big, life changing moment. It can simply be you choosing to start seeing things differently. To start behaving differently. Where you start to choose YOU and be ok with that.

With all of that said, I want to know where you go to when you need to hit pause. What helps you find that space? You can tell me here in the comments or write to me and share there.

Until next time, stay safe and and know you always have a friend only a message away.


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