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The importance of hashtags to grow your business - and other success tips

Hashtag strategies, overnight success models, the promise of a six figure business. There are many business success tips, strategies and promises out there, but whilst some do provide that all important stardom, there are plenty that don't. Here's my take on where to focus those energies for true business success.

Give me the facts

Look at what works. Not simply for others, but you. There are over 100 social media platforms, with new ones springing up every day. It is not attainable to authentically appear on them all, serve your audience in the way they need you, and have a life and purpose-led business too.

You know your business. You know where your customers are waiting to be blessed by the nuggets of greatness you have to share. Go be there. Join them. Give them what they need.

I'm going to come back to Hashtags because if you are an Instagram user, they are the elixir of that world, not to mention discoverability. Identifying and using effective Hashtags for your business is a huge subject I couldn't do justice here, but think of it like this: Instagram uses Hashtags the way Google uses the search bar. This is how it catalogues its content for users to search for what they need and, hey presto, find you. Definitely one to focus on if the 'gram is your and your audience's fave spot to spend time online.


When the hashtag is your enemy

Facebook does not like Hashtags. Kind of ironic seeing as it owns Instagram. They are wasted characters in your precious posts and could actually work against you. In this sense you're better to spend your time engaging, helping, and creating content that adds value and builds brand awareness.

The best things in life are free

Well, in design and organisation they can be. You do not have to part with every penny you have to make your business a success, although some money will obviously need to be invested.

There are a bazillion resources out there that you can access FOR FREE. Sure, they will offer you all singing, all dancing paid options too, but in the most-part you can do an amazing job sticking with the free versions. My current fave go-to's are, and, not to mention These four tools are invaluable for keeping my business running smoothly as I can't work face to face with people right now, and these tools don't cost me a penny.

Consistency reigns

Engagement, content and consistency are key. Now more than ever. However you connect with your audience, they need to know when and where to find you. They need to be able to easily identify you in the sea of options that come flooding their way every time they open their phone or laptop.

What makes you stand out from the crowd? How can they identify it's you talking to them and your amazing product or service that is right for them?

There's a lot to take in here but there is so much greatness to be enjoyed if you take the time to do it.

Spend time getting to know your audience again, what they need and want from you, how you can best provide that.

Don't get bogged down in quick-win promises and scarcity tactics. Find the strategy that is right for you and the partners you need - virtual or otherwise.

You have everything you need at your fingertips, and if you need a little direction, I am always here to help.

Until next time,


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