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The Day I Photographed A Funeral

The day I photographed a funeral. It's not something I ever thought I would be asked to do, but then again, I never thought I would watch someone I knew be lowered into the ground at age 38. Here's why it matters to you.



The last time I saw this person was to photograph their daughters christening two years earlier. I couldn't believe the news when I answered the phone to their brother. I had to ask several times whether I was hearing them right.

How was this possible? Someone so young, so health-conscious, so good, loving and with so much life still to live? How could they not be here anymore?

The same church I had stood in two years earlier, I'd now be standing in again, not to mark the beginning of a little girls life, but to mark the end of one of their parents.

Funeral Photographer


Am I or have I ever been a funeral photographer? No.

Will I be now? No.

Do I regret saying yes to doing it that one time? No.


It was, by far, the hardest shoot I have ever done. It was also the most meaningful. The one that taught me the most. The one I will always remember.


Standing with my camera in my hand, I was capturing the last moments of someones life. I was capturing the memories that their young daughter will come back to when they are old enough to understand where their parent went.

I was making what was an unbelievably painful day for a family more bearable, by giving them something they wanted.

I was making a difference.

How this matters to you


Why am I sharing this? Good question, I'd not planned to. But there was a part of the service that won't leave me.


This young person, this 38 year old whose light was extinguished too soon, they lived every day of their life fully.

They pursued every dream, took every chance, always supported and put others first, and always left those whose lives they touched fuller.


This funeral was a celebration of life and a reminder of the difference we can make. The legacy we can leave. That no matter how far away your dreams may seem, to always pursue them, because there will be someone who believes in you. Someone to support you.


It was at a funeral that I realised this. I realised I want to be that someone for lots of somebodies. I want to keep shining a light that left us.

That is why I will NEVER stop telling you that YOU MATTER, that YOUR STORY MATTERS, and why I will always keep asking to capture it for you or help you do so yourself.

If you're ready to start doing exactly that, capturing your story now, let me know here and we will find the way that is right for you.

Until next week, always remember that YOUR FAMILY and YOUR STORY matters.


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