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The best love of all

There are moments when love doesn't feel a strong enough word. Where something is so good you feel like you're living in a dream. This, my friend, is love.

Yep, well that's my description anyway, and if you are lucky enough to ever experience it, cling to that feeling in your soul and never let it go. Remember how it felt and it will stay with you always, even if the love itself goes.

“It's more than a feeling. More than three words. The words don't even need to be said. It's how you come alive simply by sharing space with another human.”

I was asked to describe love before, and I garbled the usual thing about two people and all that jazz, but really, it's much more than that.

More than a feeling. More than three words.

Real love, the kind you read about and see in movies, that love is where the words don't even need to be said. It's the electric in the air when you are together or near. It's how you feel as though all the air leaves a room when the other person walks in to it. It's how you come alive simply by sharing a space with another human.

Well, another specific human.

Where is this love?

Isn't that the million dollar question! I was speaking to a friend the other day who is currently working through that themselves as they navigate how you date or meet people during a global pandemic! Sure, we had a laugh about the nuances of online dating and how to decide if you meet in real life, but we also talked about how it was sad - in a way, that this was our only way to meet someone right now.

How do you know if that human would cause all the air to leave a room when you can't share one?

Thing is, whilst that might take a little longer to work out, online is actually a great place to find love, as long as you obviously apply some safety rules when you come offline. So many of us today, especially all of you younger than me, have grown up forming friendships online, so why would finding love be any different?

Equally, why can't you meet the love of your life at work or by chance when you are out?

I guess the answer really, is that love is right where you need it to be. Sometimes you simply need to stop looking so hard for it and let it find you.

I want it all

You should want it all and you will get it. I know you will. And when you do I know you will cherish it. But I also know you'll make some mistakes, we all do, we're human. And that's ok too, but don't let those mistakes go unfixed if it is that 'best love of all' type of love.

And if, by chance, a mistake does happen. That best love of all does slip away. Know you will be ok. There will always be a part of you that aches for that person, I won't lie, but know that it doesn't mean that you won't or can't love again. That you won't take those mistakes and learn to recognise that best love of all.

Also know that you are loved, by so many people, even if you don't realise that yet.

Even if your heart is so broken right now you're not sure how you'll get to tonight let alone tomorrow. I see you. I've got you. And I am here if you need me, where all the lovers, dreamers and believers are welcome.


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