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Staying sane in times of stress

Times of stress, now there's an understatement for our still semi-lockdown status if ever there was one. Thing is, it's actually the perfect time to really invest in ourselves, to identify what strategies work for us to cope with the unexpected and super trying. Never again will you not be able to say that you 'perform well in times of stress' on your shiny résumé. Ready to get started on learning how?

Start with you

You go-getter you, reading on after the opening paragraph, I knew you'd be ready to embrace the greatness of change. Right, let's get started.

Getting to know the real you. Yep, however together we thought we had it pre-lockdown, we've all started to see the 'real' us emerge as all expectations and roles have been stripped away or back to basics.

Sound the horns as this is amazing.

Here's the first question I want you to answer: When lockdown properly ends, what will be the first thing you do?

Huge question right? But lift that pen off of the paper.

Before you answer it, don't you dare write down 'go to work' unless that work seriously sets your soul on fire and has you skipping down the street Sound of Music-style.

Let's imagine for a minute that lockdown ends on a Thursday, we're rewarded for avoiding all-out apocalypse with a Friday bank holiday and you have three days of utter freedom. What are you doing to do with them?

Go write now!

What will you choose?

Ok, second question.

What things are you NOT going to do once free movement resumes?

What things were you doing before that you realise were habits and not something that made you want to sing from the rooftops now the choice is back?

Again, don't immediately write down 'work' (although I bet that makes everyones list), think about why you do not want to do those things anymore.

Know your why

Lastly, write down all the things that did keep you sane during lockdown. Granted, we likely all drank a bit too much alcohol/coffee in the early weeks (I know it wasn't only me), but what really made a difference? What made you feel great about you?

Not sure where to start on this one? Here's a snippet from my list:

  • Being outside makes me happy, as in outside with no intention and able to walk freely

  • Coffee makes my day better, good coffee not the make at home sort

  • Photography, writing, and connecting with others sets me on fire, in all the good ways

  • I value me time, waking up 1/2hr before the rest of the house is a must

  • 'Me time' is a non-negotiable. Even in a small house.

See, not so complicated is it?

Let me know how you get on with your lists and feel free to share the answers with me or give me a shout to work through them together.


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