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Start over, reinvent yourself, there is always another chance

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

I could finish there really, but then that wouldn't make for much of a blog. I want you to take note of this though, the permission to start afresh (not that you need that from me). Reinvent yourself if you want. The most important thing is to remember you always have another chance.

Try whatever you want to try

We don't remember our own weaning processes, but if your Mum is like mine, she probably gladly (and loudly) recounts the time you went around to other tables in a cafe offering to take peoples carrots off their hands if they weren't fancying them. Thanks Mum.

The point is, if we try and give kids an array of foods to try in the hope they have a balanced diet, why don't we encourage or follow this path ourselves when it comes to working out what kind of life we want to live?

Think of it like the shopping basket of life. You could take your time and scour the aisles, picking up experiences, jobs or relationships you might like to have in your life, giving them a whirl, knowing you have the option of returning for a full money back guarantee if you change your mind.

Well, you might not get a full refund in life, but you get to try a variety of options if you simply choose to experiment. To grab that odd looking vegetable / career choice and see if it works for you. Ultimately, as long as nobody is likely to die in the process, what's the worst that can happen?

No restrictions

Here's the fun part. Assuming we are all law abiding citizens here, there are pretty few restrictions on what we can try and what chances we'd like to take.

Want to start a business? Grab your free website and social media platforms. Want to change relationships/find a new one - there is an app or ten for that. Fancy relocating somewhere fresh? Hello RightMove or property finder of your choice.

And before you dare utter those words 'it's not that easy', don't! It IS that easy. I know, because I have done it, even the icky dating app!

It's easy to make the choice, the trickier part is sticking with it and avoiding napping through life.

Are you starting to see how those chances are lining up for you yet?

Express Yourself

As the Queen of reinventions herself commanded (Madonna, in case you are wondering), express yourself. Express yourself through your choices. Through the career you choose to build or leave. Through the relationships you choose and the way you live. Through the Journey To You that you create.

There is always a choice. Always a chance to start over or turn the page if you don't like the one you're on.

Take that chance. Take a chance on you and see what you can create. What you can begin. How amazing you can feel.

And if you get a little stuck or fall down, holler at me here, I'm ace at unsticking things and brushing off the dust.


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