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Seven reasons I love being organised

Love it or hate it, organisation is key to my success, both professionally and personally. As I sign off for a few days to recover from surgery, I'm sharing seven reasons why I love being organised and the benefits it brings. Read on to see how you can benefit too.

1 - Control

When I am on top of my game, with must-do tasks compiled, diaries synced and a list to keep me on track, I feel fully in control. I know what needs to be done and when. I can see exactly what's happening and where I need to be. I'll never be caught out by missing any events or celebrations that I need to prepare for.

2 - Flexibility

When I am organised, I am able to be more flexible with what I can do, as opposed to when I am not and I lose so much time chasing my tail. You know, like the time you spend writing a carefully curated shopping list, only to arrive at the shops realising you left the list on the kitchen side. This used to literally mean meltdown for me (shopping is not on my favourite activities list), yet with a list, if something is out of stock I can track back to what I need it for and make adjustments - or a planned return trip, to secure that vital ingredient.

3 - Focus

Similar to control but much more important when planning for success. Knowing you have everything in hand with a list and a strategy, your mind is clear to focus on the task at hand. This saves endless hours of my thoughts wandering off worrying about all the other things I *might* need to do or when I can fit that client in for a shoot. I can clear my mind completely and concentrate on what I am doing in this moment.

4 - Exercise

Yes, I organise myself to include time to exercise. This is more than allowing for a nice treat or fitting into a certain clothes size. Exercise for me is what Berocca is to others. It's a preventative, my own medicine, it keeps my body and my mind in the best shape possible.

5 - Reliability

Being organised means that you always look to be in control and the one who can be relied upon. In a work setting, when the team was asked if they could take on a new project, or visit the team in Italy, I was the one who could immediately answer yes or no as I knew exactly where I was. I was always beyond punctual which helps in my personal and professional life. I live by a rule that five minutes early means I'm on time and on time makes me five minutes late. I've never missed a train, flight or appointment yet!

6 - Me-Time

Work and Family are my key priorities, not necessarily in that order. One provides for the other but it's the latter that drives me in what I do and to help you. That said, I am human, and sometimes there is nothing more that I love or need than to take myself away for a few hours. This can be for a walk, a coffee or a hot bath where I recharge ready for the next moment.

7 - Room to breathe

When things do come up, like medical procedures, I'm able to prep and plan for it so that I can take the time I need to rest, heal and come back fighting fit. Neither my family nor you lovely people suffer, as I've kept you all informed and you know when and how you can contact me. It means I can take time to breathe, not worrying about checking emails or social media platforms, as everything is in hand.

Did any of these reasons surprise you? Do you practice some of these yourself in your organisation process? I'd love to hear what your answers are and if you have any other methods that help you.

Until next time, keep going, you've got everything you need within you. I see you, I hear you and I believe in you. Your Journey To You is unfolding exactly as it needs to.


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