• Vicky Murray

Say 'YES' to it.

Say yes to you. To adventure. To life. You might be amazed at what you find on the other side of this 'yes' thing.

For me, my renewed ability to say 'yes' came for what was a crazy week, even in COVID terms, but it ended with me stood on my stairs uttering 'say yes, go for it'.

This particular 'yes' wasn't something that had been on the cards, definitely wasn't planned to be and to the outside world I am sure will seem 'mad', 'far from sensible' and 'risky'. So basically its the red rag to this bull 😉

The 'it' is something I will share more about once I can (it's totes need to know right now) but it is a big thing if it happens. Yep, you read that right, I've said yes to something with no certainty attached to the outcome!

If it does happen? It'll be a big gamble, a big risk, but ultimately? The real thing I am saying yes to is living life fully, without regret, in full control.

When was the last time you could say you did the same?

Don't worry, I couldn't remember clearly either until this little epiphany.

I realised it wasn't about having all these guarantees (when do they ever work in life?) but it was about wanting something more than I feared it. Accepting that the possible egg on my face if it didn't work out was still better than the same said egg if I said no and spent eternity wondering 'what if?' (been there, done that!)

It's also got me thinking what else I am ready to say yes to now. What else I can rip the covers off of in a pretty dramatic yet stylish flourish (work with me here) and think, there you go, this is what it is all about.

It's pretty bloody exciting!

So, because I want you to take action and claim your life, let me know what you are going to say yes to today. Let me know even if you're not ready to say yes and want a little extra support, it's your time to say yes to to adventure, yes to life, yes to your Journey To You.

I'll see you there soon.


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