• Vicky Murray

Right now is uncertain but the bigger picture is still there

An odd title maybe, but one I know will have caught your attention, even better if it's made you think - yep, it is, now how do I get back to making it happen?

Are you dreaming big? You better be. Yes, that's right, I've told you that you better be doing something. It's one of the rare times I will, but this is important.

Forget the should, would and could's

Too often I'd let other peoples expectations of me get in the way of my own dreams, my bigger picture. I shrunk my aspirations and my goals to suit them - but why? What was I trying to prove? Nothing I wanted or hoped for meant others had to go without or be hurt.

Here's the truth of the matter - my potential success scared them, they thought I would leave them behind or 'change'. Sure, I likely would change, but not in the negative ways they imagined.

Not in the ways society has conditioned us to believe happens when we have the audacity to challenge the norms.

I would change in the way I felt - I'd smile more, know what happiness really felt like, and be buoyed in the knowledge that I had made my bigger picture a reality and that I could help others do the same.

When uncertainty hits

I'm writing this at a time that has never been more uncertain in modern history. COVID continues to mutate and separate us all, forcing new ways of everything from how we work to how we live. Yet even now, even in the face of something nobody saw coming, the bigger picture is still there for me. And yours is too.

2020 was said to be the year of awakening. I still think it has been, albeit in a totally different way to what any of us thought.

I've moved closer to my bigger picture than I believe I'd have ever accomplished had I not been forced to stop and really look at where I was heading and what I wanted. That clarity is like no other I have ever experienced. And it was uncertainty that lead to it (though I would have taken that coming from a non-COVID means).

Now is the perfect time to start something new

It really the perfect time for you to start something new. Not only because it's New Year, I'm not talking about a new job or business venture, or new relationship (unless that's what you want), I'm talking about a new way of thinking and living.

I want you to give yourself the permission to pause. To really stop and be in the moment and to look at where you are. Ask yourself if its where you want to be. Really get honest with yourself about what you want and what you need to make it a reality.

While you're doing this, I'm going to leave you with my own mantra, borrowed from one of my personal inspirations Jasmine Star - I'm sure she'd be happy for you to use it too:

This is the moment in time to say yes.

Yes to the risk.

Yes to the fear and the odds stacked against you.

Yes to your dreams.

This is your time to grab life by the horns, look it in the eye and say 'I'm ready and I am not backing down'.


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