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One day or day one? You decide

We've heard it before, 'one day or day one, you decide'. Well, I decided. Welcome to my Day one.

It's not strictly true, calling this my day one, I've been here a while now but never this openly me before. Never this candidly laying out what I am here to do and why I want to do it. Like I said, I made a decision, this is day one of all the days to come.

What does this mean?

So what am I talking about? Well, right now, as I write this from my garden on a rickety table that has seen better days, I'm talking about refusing to see COVID-19 aka Corona Virus as a bad thing.

There. I said it. I don't see this global pandemic as a bad thing. In fact, I see it as a huge opportunity. Here's why.

Opportunity in the madness

All the death and dying aside - that's clearly not a good thing in anyones book, I believe that we are being gifted an opportunity that many of us, all of us, have more than once wished or prayed for.

We have been gifted time and permission to hit pause.

To actually stop.

To stand/ sit/lay still (choose the position is your choice) and think huh, so what the hell have I been doing this long with my life?

For most of us, we're no longer going into an office or our place of work in the same way we were. Many of us are working from home, the lucky furloughed on full or near full-pay, the rest forced into action. To follow the crazy and previously unthinkable - starting our own businesses, as we have a drive to not simply survive the here and now and what is to come, but to thrive.

What is stopping you?

Nobody is going to judge us for trying something new now. We're all trying something new. We're all reinventing ourselves, our daily life, our relationships. Nothing and no-one will emerge from this time the same way or person we entered it. And that is a good thing, again, the death part aside.

For me, this looks like letting go of trying to be something I have been expected to be for so long, kissing goodbye to 'responsible, safe and conforming'. It's about sharing the messy, the parts of life I've lived and wanted to forget, the good, and most importantly the God-given experience and expertise I have in being able to help you navigate your way through this new. On your Journey To You.

Through the decisions, what-if's, pant pooing, self-doubting, down right terrifying question of 'how?'

Of finding the way when you don't even know the destination.

Of grabbing you by the virtual collar and dragging you to your stardom.

To the life you now have the opportunity to create.

For you and the world.

So, cliched as it sounds, what are you going to choose? One day or day one? Let me know at


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