• Vicky Murray

On the other side of fear, is life

It's true, we are entering into what many of us feared - another lockdown, the future may be uncertain for many, but what waits for us, when we get over that fear, is life. Here's what I mean.

Who wouldn't have loved for future 'us' to have written a little promise as to what will follow this season? How and when COVID will end? When we can hug another human outside of our household again? When we can return to the jobs and businesses we love and have built?

To future me from me

Well, I didn't get that memo either, but here is what I would have written for now, had I thought about this back in March 2020.

'Dear you, I know it might seem crazy right now, but this COVID thing, it ends. I know you don't have the end date confirmed yet, but it's coming, and the vaccine is proof of that. But COVID aside, there's more good news - keep reading, please.

Do you remember all those times you wished for more time? For space? For a break? For that voice inside to quiet down so you could really hear what it was you wanted and needed? Well, maybe this was your wish coming true in a weird way. Don't waste it.

I know you're laughing, probably even swearing at me now, but here's the thing. You've done this before, this time though, you know what works and what doesn't. You are stronger. You know there is a light and you know that you are capable of growing, even rising during this challenge.

That job you love, the business you are creating, it is going to thrive. It seems so foreign a concept now, I get that, but think of all you can do whilst you're not having to open up, order those things, juggle life and work. Think about how you can grow by future-proofing. What can you make available even when the physical doors are closed? How can you reach those that need you most. There is always a way.

Remember too that you are not alone. You really aren't. I am here for you and so are others. You will emerge stronger from this, I promise. Keep the faith, find those moments of joy and don't give up.

On the other side of fear

I promised I'd explain where the life comes in. It goes back to those wishes we all made at one time or another. Well, we have the time now, the noise is gone. If we focus on what we want to come next, what we want our COVID-free lives to be, imagine what we can create? Imagine what we can create if we work together over these next weeks? Sound good?

For good or bad, I prefer good, I am the Queen of starting over. I can honestly say I have never relished it or enjoyed the start of that process, but it has always ended up leading to something bigger, something better for me, than what I had before. And I know the same will be true for you.

So if you are ready to choose to focus on the life waiting for you on the other side of that fear, let me know here. Who knows what we will be able to create together.

Until next time, stay safe, find those moments of joy, and remember you are not alone.


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