• Vicky Murray

Never underestimate the power of your words

Your words matter. Your thoughts matter. You have the ability to change lives for the better with them, so why do you stay quiet?

Nobody is interested in what I have to say

I thought that too until I started saying it. Sharing it on social media. Writing this blog. Featuring on radio shows and podcasts. I questioned myself A LOT as to who I was to be asking anyone to listen to me let alone believing they would find value in anything I had to say.

Turns out, I was wrong.

A lot of people DID resonate with what I said. They did find hope, inspiration, even motivation and comfort in what I was shared. They saw themselves in the places and situations I had been, and they also saw how they could move on from those places and situations if they chose to.

The difference being, now they had someone who could help, even if that was only to answer questions.

What if people disagree with me?

Let's be honest, you're not a cup of silky smooth coffee or a caramel waffle, you're not going to please everyone and people will disagree with you.

And that is perfectly OK!

We're not all meant to toe the same line and differences of opinion can be where we learn or even simply be willing to consider another point of view.

And if people do disagree with you, let them, at no point has you demanded everybody's approval for your opinion - we are not encouraging dictatorships here!

Are you ready to share?

So with that little love bomb shared, what are you ready to share?

What have or are you experiencing that you believe could help others?

What story do you have - from experience, passion, life in general that you no longer want to keep bottled up inside?

What would you capture to let that story be free?

I'd love to hear, so let me know here, and if I can help I absolutely will.

Until next time,


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