• Vicky Murray

I love me, I love me not

Remember that rhyme where you'd sit with a daisy plucking the petals? Self-worth can be just like that, but what if you could always end on 'loves me'?

I know, easier said than done right? The thing is, there is a lot to be said about that old adage 'if you can't love yourself how can we expect others too?', although I disagree that others can't if we aren't fully there yet. Here's why.

Learning the value of me

“Am I cute, funny or smart? Not particularly, but I'm also not a psycho troll who leaves misery in their wake. That's worth something.”

In the business world of self-employment, there's a great meme that goes around about 'knowing your worth then adding tax'. I think this is something we should all be taught regardless of our career choices.

It doesn't matter whether you're a millennial, gen z, or a baby-boomer, we've all had different challenges and we've all been made to question our worth and place in this world. From gender pay gaps to the choices we make and where we end up in life, the question of our worth is always there.

Yet why, even now, are we letting it be that way? What if instead of monetary value or material possessions we measured our worth in another way? In love?

Stay with me here.

Measure in love

In a world where gratification is expected instantly and we all believe the little squares that occupy our viewing time are reality, we've forgotten about the value of relationships, of love, including the relationship and love we have for ourselves.

It's easy to list what you see as your flaws or weaknesses, well, I know I excel at it, but what about when it comes to listing what's great about you and your strengths? It's something that came up for me recently. It took a while for me to sit comfortably with it, but ultimately, I may not be the cutest, funniest or smartest girl alive, but on the plus side I am not a psycho troll woman who leaves tears and misery in her wake. If anything, I'm the opposite, if I was born in the 60s or 70s I'd be bridging on being a hippy the way I believe I can fill the world with love and good.

If only I applied that to myself more often....

How will you show the love?

So with my leading from the front spreading love as I go (that sounds wrong, but you know what I mean), how will you start showing yourself some love today?

How will you work on acknowledging your own self-worth as a result and how can I help you? It's this last point I really want to know as it took having the right people around me that let me begin the process. I didn't love or value myself but I found people who loved and valued me - simply for being me.

Can I be the person that helps you too? You can write to me here if so.


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