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How weeding the garden can grow your business

Now there's a title you won't see often and something you won't often catch me doing. I like the garden, but turning over earth is not my strength - although I nailed it today. With all the weeding and earth moving, it got me to thinking, how often do I give my business or life this much attention?

All is rosey, or is it?

As I wiped the perspiration from my brow adding a nice streak of soil Rambo-style, I realised I did give my business a fair bit of attention. Great right?

Well, no, because it's not the weeding kind of attention, more the 'it's looking pretty damn rosey so pour another coffee' kind.

Gardening done, off I've come to show my business a little love. To nurture this garden of greatness and see where improvements can be made. New things added. Out of season bits removed or updated. It's actually quite cathartic getting my little green fingers into the roots of my business.

The same applies to my life too.

Nurture those seedlings

Whilst I've still a bit to do (I'm a recovering perfectionist) I'm pleased with the start I've made and I wanted to jump on here and encourage you to start too.

Whether you are setting off into the wilds of you life or business, or you've been navigating the path for a while, it's never a bad idea to nurture what you have. To look at it in a different light from the everyday. To see what's thriving, what's not, and what you can cultivate or create.

Start by drawing up a list, grab every Sharpie or colouring pen you can lay your hand on, categorise what you've got and how that's doing. Then start the weeding process, turn over your earth, see what it's looking like by the end of the visit. I bet you will strike gold or at the very least have several new ideas to nurture.

If you're looking at your list and not sure where to start, give me a shout, I love to get my hands dirty to help you out.

Until next time,


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