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How to make time for the moments that matter

There'll be plenty of moments that matter for your story happening over the next few weeks, here I'll share how you can capture them and a special treat for making sure you have the time to do it.


The little things mean a lot

Sometimes it's about the little details and moments you don't expect that make the most beautiful photos.

The most meaningful memories.

The truest account of YOUR story.

Over these next few weeks, that could be a reaction to receiving a certain gift, how you feel at seeing a festive light display, finally being able to enjoy the tree, or those Christmas Day cooking 'moments' (you know the one's). Either way, it's sometimes the little things that make so much of our story.

But when do we stop to capture them?

Pick the camera up

Fancy, compact or phone, I'm not going to be there with you on Christmas Day, but hopefully these words will be. I'm not saying have your camera of choice glued to you, but have it nearby.

What is it you want to remember this year? People - I'm guessing that's a given, but what about where you are? What you are eating (yes, even food), the weather, the gift you've given that you know will mean more than the money spent.

And that's only Christmas Day.

What about how you spend the time you actually have AWAY FROM WORK? Doesn't that feel good even to read? What do you want to remember about this time? What do you want others to know about it in years to come?

Planning made easy

For work and life I use my Ponderlily Planner to stay organised. I do use my iCal, but I love a good pen and paper diary too. This Christmas, I want to share that joy with you with a special 15% discount on any orders made via this link using code vickymurray

With space for actual appointments, thoughts, notes and so much more, this planner is a game changer for getting organised and getting you in a position where you can enjoy this adventure called life and make time to capture the moments that tell your story.

Because YOU matter.

And speaking of stories, if you're ready to start capturing your story now, let me know here and we will find the way that is right for you. There might even be something extra exciting coming in the New Year that you can be first to know about by telling me where to send the news here.

I'll be away until the New Year taking some time with my family to capture our story, so until I return, always remember that YOUR FAMILY and YOUR STORY matters.


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