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How to do half-term differently

It's here, the autumn half-term break. If you're already needing an IV of caffeine, don't worry, I've got you. Here are some ways to not only survive half-term, but love it, all by doing it different.

Spooky Train Rides

You don't have to be a trainspotter or Thomas the Tank Engine fan to enjoy some time at The Watercress Line, and from 29-31 October you take part in their Wizards Weekend. With spooky train rides, the chance to walk in the steps of Harry Potter, get up close to some scary creepy crawlies (or not), and so much more, you can have a coffee through pleasure with all the stress removed.

Forage for your own Pumpkins

Now, your forage may only be so far as to the supermarket aisles, but that's ok. I've been amusing myself buying the 'munchkin' pumpkins and painting them up ready for the big weekend! They're also really child-friendly too as they're not too mahoosive to carry or decorate, and you can get super creative. Plus - your seasonal door (or gate - ahem) will have something from all the family.

Do something different

Been fancying learning to paint? Or generally get creative? There are so many ace YouTube tutorials out there that you can enjoy solo or with the kids. You could even have a little competition if you fancy it.

What about combining getting the kids outside and painting / drawing / photographing (I had to include it 😉 ) You can go on your own autumn photo / colour / shape walk and capture the different colours of leaves, shapes of the clouds, or anything else you see, and then bring some of those things home (well, maybe not the clouds) and paint them / draw them / take rubbings from them, or even make like Mrs Hinch and create your own conker tree!

Make your own memories

However you spend this half term, I hope you have the time and the space to make your own memories. To capture everything that matters to you. Because this is all part of YOUR story. And your story MATTERS.

Now, what activity are you going to start with first this week?


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