• Vicky Murray

How To Create YOUR Story Map

I get it, it's a bit of a scary and uncertain time right now, even though we've been here before. But I'm not talking about the new COVID measures...

Waiting Season

I'm talking about Christmas when you might still be trying to conceive, where you're waiting for that call from your adoption agency or surrogate, or maybe you've seen those two magical lines but aren't ready to share that news just yet. The question I have for you is, what are you doing to capture this part of your story? Even the bits that you wish you weren't experiencing (you don't need me to tell you that nobody enjoys not being able to 'simply' become a parent).

More than simply Photography

If working with a Photographer to capture this makes you a little nervous right now, that's ok, but I still want to help you document this journey. To capture all of the moments that tell your baby-to-be how much you love them already and always will. To create a map of your story if you will... And I am here to help you do exactly that, for £99, you and I talking together for one hour, and you leaving this time having your own story map to hold in your hands for you to go and make a reality. Because you matter. Because your story matters. This isn't on my website, so to find out more, message me directly here and we can get that story map in your hands before Christmas.

Until next week, always remember that YOUR FAMILY and YOUR STORY matters.


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