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How to create the normal you actually want

I know, you're as sick of hearing it as I am, but I'm going to raise it one. Last. Time. A new normal, newer than this new one, is coming. This time, you have a choice to CREATE what that looks like. It takes 3 simple steps, and I'm going to walk you through them now.

Choose to take control of your life

Simple right? Actually, no, not always.

Making the choice, that can be simple enough, but actually taking the action to take control, well, that can be a bit harder.

Quick history lesson for you, sit tight.

We're led to believe, from a young age, that there is this unseen map that our life is plotted on. For the sake of this blog, lets call this map what it is: EXPECTATIONS. Problem is, this map, these expectations, they're rarely actually OURS.

Because of this, we can feel guilt. Shame. That it's actually simpler to 'settle' and be thankful for what we have.

That's great if you're good to eat.sleep.repeat until you're 90. Not so if you actually want to LIVE life. Lucky for you, there is a way for you to choose something different, and nobody gets hurt.

Get honest with yourself and ask for help

When you're feeling off, say you have a sore something or high temperature, you go to the Doctor right? They're the expert at keeping you well. You want to get in shape? You speak to a fitness pro, they're the expert at helping you reach the fitness level you desire.

So why then, when we have that feeling, let's call it nagging doubt or 'something in your gut' that something isn't right, WE DON'T ASK THE EXPERT FOR HELP?

Ok, shouty capitals over. But seriously, all jokes and comparison aside, I did not walk/stumble/crawl through a mess of 10 years for nothing and then grab this cute url simply so I could say I own some internet property. Oh no.

Back when I wanted to take control, after I was honest with myself about how wrong everything was, there was no expert to ask, nobody to help me find the way.

You don't have that problem, you have me. You have the Internet. You have so much you can consult to ask for help. You simply need to type (or speak, I love to speak).

Keep on moving

Not just one of 5ives greatest cheesy hits (what can I say, I'm classy, and Google them if you are THAT young). With anything worth fighting for, and YOU are, we have to keep moving forward, however slowly, to get to where we want to be. One step at a time.

If you keep moving, every day is a day closer to the you and the normal you want to create. The normal you deserve. The normal you choose.

So there you have it, three steps, all laid out nicely for you like a plan. One with flexibility. One where you set the benchmarks. Where the medal goes to YOU and the life you create.


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