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How to capture your baby's first year - part one

Your Baby’s first year will be the start of an amazing journey. A journey where they will change and wow you constantly. One where your Baby has a ‘first’ nearly every day. Newborn Photography is just the start of how you can capture your Baby’s First Year, but I want to tell you how to make sure you don’t miss a moment from this precious time, both with and without the help of a professional.

Baby's first photograph

Depending on where you have your Baby, your Baby’s first photograph may be captured by a Bounty Photographer - these are the Photographers who work within most hospitals offering Bounty Portraits. Whilst these are beautiful keepsakes they are not guaranteed to fall within the time you are in hospital - if you choose to have your baby there.

The temptation is to have your significant other or family member capture some moments on a phone or compact camera. This is definitely better than no memories at all, but this isn’t the time either of you want to be taking the photographs, you need to be enjoying your first moments together as a family, getting to know this gorgeous bundle of love you are now finally able to hold in your arms.

My advice is definitely to have the Bounty Portrait if there are no other options (or ask one of the birthing team to capture something for you). However, if you are worried about missing this, find your own Photographer who will be willing to come into the hospital (or your home) during the birth (COVID restrictions permitting) or your home once baby is born. It’s something I am always happy to do and you can talk to me more about that here.

Newborn Photography

Just as you shouldn’t be worrying about how you will capture yourself as a family when Baby first arrives, you shouldn’t be worrying about this in their first few weeks either. With most Paternity Leave still only being two weeks long, arranging your Newborn Photography session within this period ensures that Dad can be part of this without worrying about work or you having to give up a precious weekend.

Newborn Photography in the first two weeks of your Baby’s life also allows you to enjoy some time as a family with your new arrival. Yes, I love taking photographs of your family, but I also love a good baby cuddle and I make a pretty amazing cup of tea (or coffee!) which doubles up as a break for you.

Part 2...

That's a lot to take in, I know, and I am always here to answer any questions you might have.

Next week I'll share more about continuing to capture your story from months 2 to 12 and sharing all of my top tips so you do this having fun and living your story in an unfiltered way.

Until then, always remember YOUR STORY matters. Because YOU matter.


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