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How to capture who and what matters most

When you hear Photography, do you immediately think photoshoot, magazine or paparazzi? Or do you think a chance to capture who and what really matters most? If you didn’t think the last thought, I want to help you reconsider and show you how you can do exactly this.

Aren’t you a Portrait and Brand Photographer?

Yes, I am, but it all started with capturing what matters most. I began as a Newborn and Wedding Photographer. I wanted to capture some of the most important moments in peoples lives and gives them the memories to look at and relive every day.

Behind the scenes, I was busy capturing what mattered to me too. My family - human and dog members, my home, places that when I saw the photograph on my wall or desk every day would transport me straight back to that moment.

Capturing what matters most

Here’s the lesser known story behind my photography. Life wasn’t aways so rosy and I lost people that meant a lot to me. What compounded that loss was not having the photographs I had captured over the years that meant I could still ‘see’ them and remember the memories we made together. I can’t begin to describe how that time felt, but it was enough for me to want to make sure you never feel that way.

So here are my top tips on how to capture who and what matters most to you, even without the help of a Photographer like me.

  • Stop worrying about how you do or don’t look

I wish that, in the photos I did manage to find, that I was in them. I was always so self-conscious and critical of how I made the photo look I was always the first to jump behind the camera rather than be in the photo (this was pre-selfie days). Take off the filter, forget about the perfect setting, the moment is what matters and that includes you being in it.

  • Have that camera ready

It doesn’t need to be a professional standard bit of kit. Most phone’s these days will take an excellent photograph, not to mention the compact cameras you can have now and keep in your pocket or bag. Now, I’m not saying to miss the moment by literally having your thumb glued to the capture button of your phone or camera attached to your wrist, but don’t hesitate to get either out if there is something you want to remember.

  • Forget planning

The best moments really are the spontaneous, unplanned ones. Even in the photography sessions I offer, yes there are plans, but it’s when we’re really in the moment that the best moments are captured.

  • Print those photos!

Yes, that exclamation mark is there for a reason. What good is it to capture something or someone that really means something to you. That the memory matters enough that you paused to freeze it in time forever if it sits on a memory card or your phone, eventually being deleted (memory issue, accident or failed back-up) never to be seen again.

Photographs were always meant to be enjoyed, and if you need some tips on how to print or where, let me know here.

Until next time, if you’d like more tips like this, or if you are interested in learning more about capturing your own moments or having me do that for you, you can let me know here.


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