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How a small decision can turn your life around

Sometimes, we focus so much on the big, we forget the power of the small. I want to help you change that so you can see show how a small decision can turn your life around.

Small steps lead to great results

Cast your mind back to when you were a child. If you're a parent reading this, even better, you can think about when your little one started to try to take their first steps.

Parent or not, we should all remember or be aware of one key thing. None of us stood up and started walking perfectly first go.

In fact, I'm ready to bet a venti cappuccino with all the extras that there were stumbles, falls and setbacks. Yet look at us all today. We're all up and walking, one foot in front of the other, everyday.

We all fell down, we all stumbled, but whether it was encouragement from our parents or (in my case) sheer stubbornness, we got back up and kept practicing. Kept moving forward. One. Step. At. A. Time.

So what changed?

Here's the real question. If we could naturally accept that walking would take practice, that it would come in time, why do we tell ourselves now that what we want or who we want to be has to happen now?

Well, part of that narrative has come from the instant-economy we have come to inhabit. Want a new coffee machine? Order by 11pm and it will be there tomorrow (God bless Amazon). Need to check whether the train is running on time? I've got an app for that. Fancy catching up on last nights episode of The Witcher, Netflix has got you (ok, I wasn't a big Henry Cavill fan before this either, but a girl can change her mind).

When everything is available to us at the tap of a button, it's easy to see why we think we should be able to make things happen that quickly too.

Add to that list the stories we see on Social Media and everybody's picture-perfect life and overnight success, and it's easy to see why we're now putting ourselves under so much pressure to 'be all the things'.

Focus on the small decisions

If we remove the immediacy of everything and break down those big desires into small steps, you'll soon find that the thing you thought was out of reach is now knocking at the door with your Amazon Fresh delivery.

If you love your job but wish you could have more time with your family, have you stopped to investigate the possibility of reducing your hours or working a more flexible pattern? Perhaps you wouldn't want to walk into the office and ask that, but could you test the water from working from home one day a week? Is there the option of accruing flexi-time whereby you could work an additional half and hour to an hour a day to earn one day off a week without impacting your annual leave or salary?

The decision simply to ask these questions, to take the action to create more time for you, could change your life completely. One day less for the children in childcare, the chance to focus on that business you have been wanting to launch, time to spend with your partner and remember the fun you used to have when you weren't being pulled in a million directions. Or even time for YOU.

What small decision will you make?

Even this example may feel like a big decision to you, but the one you make could simply be switching your dairy milk to a non-dairy alternative, how does that cappuccino make you feel when made with almond milk? What about saving £40 a month so, come Christmas, you have a lovely £480.00 pot of cash towards whatever you like, all for less than the cost of your gym membership.

Whatever small decision you start with, I'd love you to let me know what you choose, and what it will be taking you closer toward.

Be kind to yourself, know that you have the power to realise any dream. Lastly, if nobody else has said it to you today, I see you, you are valued, you are on the most beautiful Journey To You.

Much love,


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