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How a lack of confidence holds you back, and what to do about it

So many times I've heard reasons for stories not to be captured, or life choices avoided, and they all come down to one thing - a lack of confidence. Lucky for you, I have a fix for that so you needn't miss out on anything that matters to you.

Back to basics

What is confidence anyway? Well, we'll start with the basics. The dictionary definition of confidence, in relation to ourselves, is: 'A feeling of self-assurance arising from an appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities.'

Now, self-assurance sounds a bit negative to me, but what I read this as meaning is 'a feeling of self-belief that you can be or achieve something through the abilities or qualities you possess or can develop'.

Regardless of the definition you choose, the key thing here is the belief part of what you are capable of - and I promise you it is sooooooo much more than you likely realise.

So how to you develop confidence?

Isn't that the million dollar question?! First off, I want to let you into a secret, ready?

Nobody - and I mean nobody, is 100% confident, 100% of the time. Literally, it's wired into our caveman/woman brains not to be i.e. it's how we didn't all get eaten by mountain lions back in the day.

Sadly, as magic as our brains are, someone forgot to send the memo that times have changed and that questioning of confidence doesn't have to be dialled quite so high.

Now, here's the real treat - you can rewire your brain (hey Neuroplasticity).

Fancy words aside, it literally means what it says in the tin, with a little bit of time, patience and practice (in that order) we can train that beautiful brain to quieten down and pave the way for that much deserved confidence to build up - without the threat of impending death as mountain lion main course!

Where do I start?

Right here :) Yep, as well as Storytelling Photographer, I'm also your Coffee, Chat, Connection, Confidence Coach too. As someone who has had their self-confidence reduced to whatever comes after rubble - and having successfully rebuilt it, I want to take all I have learnt and help you to do the same now.

You won't find a website for this yet (all in good time), but if you would like to know more and maybe even start working on your own confidence - aka story - with me, you can start with a free 15 minute chat by clicking here. Who knows, you might even want to book to have your story captured on camera too :)

Until next time, always remember YOUR STORY matters. Because YOU matter.


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