• Vicky Murray

And then it clicked

I know, it's as cliched as 'they looked across the bar and their eyes met' blah, blah blah. You get the story, but sometimes, things really do simply click. In this case, I'm talking about from a business point of view, specifically, how taking time out of your business can be the best thing you can do. Here's why.

Wait a minute!

This past week, with lockdown still being very much on, I've been creating content like a mad woman in a bid to help you reach your business stardom. No bad thing eh? One of you lovely bunch happened to mention you were really struggling with knowing what to write for your social media posts (aka the best free marketing tool we have ever been gifted).

This flummoxed me. Writing is something that has always come so easily to me and which I have always taken great joy in. I flexed my creativity (and bravery) muscles and reached out with a proposition - how about I create a weeks worth of content for you, and if it hits the mark, we make it an ongoing thing?

It was a fun experiment and dapple into copywriting, even though you don't see it appear in my zone of genius list.

The power of the pause

The thing is, had I have not stepped out of my own business for a while, to listen to what you were struggling with rather than what I thought you needed help with, this side of me and my business would never have been discovered. I would never have considered adding value to you in this way. Of drawing out another skill to help you reach your greatness.

Am I writing this post as a sales pitch? Actually no, but if you do need help be sure to let me know. I'm writing this to give you permission to pause. To explore what you love and whether this aligns with your business. To stop and listen to what those you serve really need.

To remember you are on a Journey To You.

With that in mind I'm off to brew a coffee and get on with creating more greatness for you all.

Until next time,


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