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And sometimes... Sometimes it's an off-day

I know, what is she saying? But it's true and I have had an off day. Well, an off 24hrs thanks to an overactive brain when all I really wanted to do was sleep. The thing is, even though I know I'm rubbish when tired and all I need to do is rest, I still pushed on trying to create content for a new programme I'm launching and then questioning my abilities when it wasn't happening.

Take a step back

And that's the thing. Too often, when we try something and it doesn't simply 'happen', rather than logically take a step back and look at why, we go straight to our old frenemy self-sabotage.

Here are but a few of the little conversations my head and I had today:

"Well of course it's not working you silly bitch, how on earth could you create that" (she's not very nice to me all the time)

"Create a programme? You can't even create a meal, you are well and truly de-skilled"

"Even if you do create it nobody will buy it, why should they?"

I could go on, but you get the gist, and sadly I imagine you've had similar conversations with that good ol' imposter feeling and mindset too.

Silence the voices

Thankfully, I had a great call with my coach this evening. She let me air all the feels - it was muchas cathartic, and then she did something strange.

She told me it was alright to feel like this. That this would happen again and that would be alright too. What wasn't alright was for me to take a blind bit of notice of the noise in my head or to start believing any of it as it was crap (the negative self-talk that is).

That was an awakening I needed.

She was right. It was all crap. I had proven myself and my abilities a million times over. In helping people build amazing brands and businesses. In leaving their job to create a life of their design. In walking away from a life of circumstance and into a life of choice. In personally succeeding previously as an employee in a career I 'should never' have been eligible to experience. I mean, come on, I represented the bloody country at times and I didn't causes any international crisis'!

If you're having one of those days too, if things are off and won't go right, know that I've got you. I'm here for you and it really will be ok.

If you wake tomorrow and you still can't see a way out, give me a shout, I bet you a Venti Cappuccino with all the extras that we can work it out together.


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