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Your Story Matters
Because YOU matter

Have I said that enough yet?

Really though, if you hear nothing else I say, hear that.

Ready to capture the unfiltered moments that tell your real story?

Here's how we'll do it

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Moment In Time

Moment In Time is the perfect glimpse into the story of YOU.

In time together, I'll capture you and the moment you are in now that can't be missed, because it matters.


Because YOU matter.

I'll come to your home, or the London location we have chosen, and the day after I photograph you, you'll receive a very special email so you can relive the moment all over again. 

You'll get to choose which one moment you will freeze in time to hold in your hands and treasure forever in a mounted, 8 x 10 print.

Moment In Time is only available once - hence the name, but is definitely a one time experience you will thank yourself for.


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The Time Capsule

No need to be the muse of the Paparazzi, The Time Capsule captures everything and everyone you don't want to miss, because every moment in YOUR story matters.


With three hours together each quarter, you'll sleep like a baby knowing that every moment that matters to YOU is being collected to form your own personal time travel machine.


We'll decide where we're going to capture this greatness together when we first talk, and then you can let the excitement begin knowing that after each time I Photograph you, there'll be a knock on the door the next day that gives you that Christmas Eve feeling as we relive the moments together, before deciding how you'll hold them in your hands - or see in front of you. 

Every. Single Day.


Ready to Make YOUR Story Matter?