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Your Story Matters

Tired of snapping photos that only create a story for Instagram? Wish you could have memories you hold in your hand and feel, not just see on a screen for 24hrs?

I thought so.

Now you're ready to remove the filters and capture the moments that really tell YOUR story, the unfiltered version, scroll on down to learn how.

YOU Matter

I believe in a world where people are people, not 150 characters, not labels, not statistics, but actual human people. A world where we’re encouraged to discover and be us.


Where people help others, where connection is valued, where moments and memories matter and are captured to tell a story. 


It’s not about a genre. It’s not about being the best or awards. It’s not even really about the photography. It’s about showing others they matter. About them not needing external validation to realise that. About knowing their story, their moments, their existence matters… and wanting to document that.


The problem is, we live in an instant world and our phones only capture snippets, never the whole, unfiltered story.


Which is where I come in. 


It’s not about capturing milestones, it’s about documenting a story.


YOUR story.


Because YOU matter.


You see it. You hold it. You feel it.


Every. Single. Day.

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Your Story Starts Here

Your story might only just be beginning, or maybe its been running a while - there's no right or wrong time to start capturing it!


The important thing is that you start - please don't wait until you're 90 and full of 'I wish I had's'.

To make it easy, here's how you can start today, choose what's right for you.

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Moment In Time

It's the moments that make a story, and those moments can be captured in as short a time as an hour, and still tell the story you want to share. 

From baby showers and newborn memories, to capturing your handsome hound, promoting your business or simply celebrating  YOU, Moment in Time gives you exactly what you need.

Because YOU matter.

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Making Moments Matter

An hour doesn't feel quite long enough for the moments you want to share.

This is where Making Moments Matter comes in.


Pour yourself a cup of something lovely and relax knowing that in the four hours we spend together I'll make sure the moments that matter to YOU are captured. 

From families to business launches, social media content to portraits with a difference, to celebrating that VERY special purchase, and everything in between

Every moment matters in YOUR story.

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The Time Capsule

You know enough to realise you don't want to miss a thing (sorry if you're now singing that in your head).

Whether this is purely for you, or maybe you and your family, friends, business, pets, new home or motorbike purchase (is that last one just me?) -  The Time Capsule does exactly what it says on the tin.


Ranging from one day (6 hours) to two, three, or four of these Photography sessions in a year, think of this choice as YOUR own personal time travel machine which also tells the amazing story of YOU.

Excited Yet?


Seeing as I'll be capturing your unfiltered moments, here's a bit about why YOU and YOUR story matter to ME, and also a pic of me so you know me without the camera too!

I believe in a world where people are people, where we’re encouraged to discover and be us, not the model someone else dreamed up.  


I know first hand the value of having memories that matter to return to. I know how painful it is when they’re not there, and I’m making it my mission to ensure that this NEVER happens to you.


So this is my invite to you, to tell me your story, welcome me into your world, and let me work my magic capturing the moments that tell YOUR story.






Because YOU matter.


How Stories Feel

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Better than I Ever Imagined

Vicky photographed our family and it was awesome!

We had so much fun with her and she is a hit with kiddies.

The whole time was so chilled out it didn’t even feel like we were on a shoot. She was just brilliant and the photos were even better than I imagined. 

Photos That Carry My Story

I was, and still am, but less so now, quite camera-shy. Very self-conscious. But I asked Vicky to Photograph me.

I could not have found a better Photographer. 

She got the shots that carry my story, then and now, and she can perform the same for you. 

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Capture Your Memories

Vicky took on my whole family of 11 people ranging from 65 years old to 11 months old.  

We are a crazy family at the best of times but she was super cool, totally relaxed and very patient with us.  

She made it such fun and the photos were all so natural. No rush or pressure.  

I would most definitely recommend her to capture your memories.  

Ready to Capture YOUR Story?